Social Media Influencers – Why They Stand Out

social media influencers

What are social media influencers? Okay, let’s see! They are considered to be online celebrities who bring awesome content to top social media platforms. The opinion leaders in the social media scene who are popular within their favorite subject matter or expertise. Also, having the ability to attract and engage with their audience some are the new marketing influentials in today’s world.

Here is an article about some of the “Top 20 Social Media Marketing World Influencers” you might want to know.

First of all, “Influencer is an individual who has the power to influence people through social media.”

Well, we are all influencers one way or another in our everyday lives like school, work, and home.

Social Media Influencers – Why They Stand Out

1. They are Super-Connected Digitally. They are advocates of brands and are super passionate about their topic of choice. Market Influencers run their social space like a business having the ability to scale up. Also, they know how to bring value to their audience. One great example is Carlos Gil who is a social media marketing strategist and SnapChat influencer.

social media influencer carlos gil
Social Media Influencer Carlos Gil

2. Thеу Mаkе Boring оr Dry Topics Interesting. Since influentials come up with new topics, they are unconventional in their presentation. Making it funnier, different, and sometimes weird in the public eye. They are content curators knowing the art of gathering and sharing information. Want to know how to be a successful content curator. Here is an article by Convince and Convert “Content Curation 5 Ways To Succeed.”

Also, social media influencers on YouTube like Eleventh Gorgeous are two sisters that create videos. Their topics are Lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and DIY projects.

youtube channel social media influencers eleventh gorgeous
YouTube Channel Eleventh Gorgeous

3.They Create Fresh and Awesome Content. Presenting great content is one way to engage with their followers and fans. Also, they do their research and share their perspective on trending topics. Some social media influencers have YouTube channels. I consider YouTube to be a video based social media platform. Check out Youtube’s Top 30 Influencers by the Hollywood Reporter. Who does not like videos, we all want something to look at visually.

4. They Know Who Their Fans Are and What They Want. Finally, social media influencers know what their audience wants. They pay close attention to their comments or questions. Facebook now has this feature called “REACTION” on how your audience reacts to your content. Social media influencers interact and engage with their fans to understand what moves them. Using audience insights to research and create their next content.

Here is a YouTube video on “How Influencers Make Money Off Social Media.”

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