Optimizing Videos for SEO Search Engine Visibility

optimizing videos for seo search engine visibility

Optimizing videos for SEO. What is video SEO? Basically, it’s all about making your videos organically visible on search engines. These are organic methods for promoting videos through SERPs, (search engine results page). Part of the goal is to land organically on the first page of (SERPS). I will try to keep this article short for you.

Search engines are not able to pick up invisible content like videos and so you have to create metadata or text description for optimizing videos for SEO. That way spiders can crawl your readable content that represents your videos. Today YouTube has become the best example of what you may call the biggest video search engine on the internet. If you have a YouTube channel, your goal is to target your videos for both search engines (Google and YouTube). You may ask why? For those of you, that don’t know. Simply because Google and YouTube are affiliated.

Nowadays people want to watch a video rather than just to read an article. Reading a blog post that is 1000 words long may not be for some people with short attention span, and or looking for quick tips. People also want great entertainment that they can find online. People may need something visual more engaging, and face to face. Do you wonder how videos end up on the first page of Google? Optimizing your blog posts, and YouTube channel, posting to your social media accounts can boost your organic views. I have tested these out and have seen some great results for organic exposure for my videos.

Optimizing Videos for SEO

Keep in mind on how Google’s algorithm and search engines work. Search engines need to crawl for keywords and look for great original content to share and videos are considered the quality content. Here are a few basic DIY SEO methods for how to optimize your videos for search engine visibility. For Newbies Note; keywords are basically what your topic is about. In this case, what your video is all about. A product, service or type of information.

Optimizing Videos Basic SEO Methods

#1. Your main keyword should be at the beginning of the title or closes to the beginning.

#2. Add relevant keywords with the main keyword – For example: “YouTube Video SEO 5 Tips For Optimizing Your Videos.” As you can see, I added relevant keywords to the title. Do this after the main keyword.

#3. Make sure your video image file has the same matching keyword title – When you are posting on your blog or YouTube, and or Social Media. Try and optimize your image file to match your video file name.

#4. The main keyword at the beginning of description – Do this in your blog post, and YouTube channel or other video content site. Add relevant keywords within your readable content. Try to keep your blog post or YouTube channel description no less than 300 words. Making it easy to read.

#5. Optimize Your Tags – Don’t forget to add your tags in your blog post and or YouTube channel. Should be your main keyword first and then relevant ones after. Try not to over do it.

#6. Outsource Video Audio Transcriber – Optimizing videos for SEO. Here is method number five. Best to outsource this method. You can save time, but it cost money. Do this by hiring a video transcriber to convert your audio from video into text.You can check out video transcribers online on Fiverr and or UpWork. Prices on Fiverr are affordable. I hope this helps you in understanding how to optimize your videos for visibility on search engines.

Here are more tips that also confirm some of the methods I use. Check out Search Engine Watch on their article on 12 Video SEO Tips To Improve Your Rankings.

For Your YouTube channel, you can check out “YouTube SEO – How To Rank YouTube Videos (Top 3 Factors).”

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